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Clean Air Scientific Services

Clean Air ServicesEnergy Plus Scientific offers a full range of scientific services specifically tailored to clean air products. Our dedicated team of field technicians has the training, certifications and experience required to meet all our customers’ needs, from scheduled maintenance to decontamination to emergency repairs. Call us today at 877.347.5871 to see what we can do for you!

Preventative Maintenance

Regular, scheduled maintenance dramatically improves the longevity of expensive scientific equipment. Call us today at 877.347.5871 for a free consultation so that we can work together to best determine your needs.


Professional calibration of instrumentation eliminates the need for guesswork and removes a possible source of human error. To determine the best schedule for proper calibration of your equipment, call 877.347.5871 to arrange an appointment with one of our certified, experienced technicians.


We provide repair services for clean air equipment. Our team of certified field technicians has years of experience resolving everything from minor issues to mission critical failures. Whether a HEPA filter needs to be replaced or a laboratory needs to be decontaminated, our team is the solution. For emergency service, call us toll free at 877.347.5871!




Air Flow Testing
Animal Unit Testing
ASHRAE 110 Testing
Biological Safety Cabinet Certification
Chemical Fume Hood Certification
Clean Bench Certification
Clean Bench Cleaning
Clean Room Certification
Clean Room Cleaning
Compressed Gas Testing
Decontamination Procedures
Environmental Monitoring
Fume Hood Testing
HEPA Filter Testing
HEPA Filter Replacement
Isolator Certification
Lab Ventilation Management
Medical Gas Certification
Surgical Room Testing
Trace Gas Testing
USP 797
    The Baker Company
CCI Contamination Control
NuAir, Inc.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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